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What to have in a home office...

When working with Carbon Films as a narrative producer and copywriter in Atlanta, I had the pleasure of executing work out of their loft style office in the heart of Old 4th Ward, near Midtown. There were tables, occasional office supplies, sometimes even coffee. When I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my freelance producer and writer career, I made the quick and ready decision that my subleased room would be my home office...along with the occasional coffee shop (shout out to favorite Cafecito Organico).

Working out of my room required the acquisition of a few key supplies. As a freelance producer, like most producers, I have my favorite pens. I highly recommend the Bics. I can't remember their specific title. They don't click, they have a cap.

I made the decision to forage Craigslist for a capably monochromatic printer - going with a $50 Brother MFC-7860DW. Reliable and great for printing contracts, talent releases, invoices, and any other video and film production paperwork.

Let's see...what else. Some headphones to drown out the sound of relentlessly loud roommates. A mini filing cabinet. Harddrives, of course. I have a PUR water filter for consistent water needs. A small coffee maker. How's that all sound to you?

When you become a freelance producer, you're gonna want to stock up, so make sure to buy things on the cheap when you come across them. Pens are no joke, my friend.

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