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Moving to Los Angeles

This is how I felt when I moved to Los Angeles to become a freelance commercial producer and writer

I learned everything I know from the company I worked for in Atlanta, Georgia. Let's call it Elysium Films. They are a small commercial house that specialized in storytelling commercials, like just about every other full-service production company out there. It's a good thing to be, but hard to market. We got interesting, consistent work, but much of it was corporate and because it was in Atlanta didn't pay what many commercials in another city might. Plus, once you reached a high enough budget, an agency with their own production vendors would usually be brought in to help target audiences and concept the big new campaign.

A little after the two year mark, I made the decision to forego the safe, but meager salary to see what I could make for myself on my own in big ol' LA as a freelance video producer and writer. It didn't take long to get some work. A few of Elysium's clients decided to stick with me for their small occasional projects; a couple friends lined up some gigs; I got networked into a feature as a production coordinator in Los Angeles; and some family friends hooked up something small in San Diego where I also had myself listed as a freelance video producer and writer.

It's easy to be scared to make the leap to Los Angeles, especially to be a freelance video producer, when it's only imaginable how many people try to do the same thing. Write commercials, write screenplays, produce commercials, produce short films and music videos. Everyone's doing it. Why me? Well if I'm going to do the work it's nice to be your own boss, enjoy self-development free time, and see a check and profit margin go into one's own bank account.

It'd be fun to be a freelance producer in Atlanta for some time, but it's even better to be a freelance video producer and writer in Los Angeles and San Diego, California.

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