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BakBlade: Creative Concepting

When I first began to work on the BakBlade commercials as a freelancer, I was only hired as a writer by Rubix Media. My freelance producer skills were not yet required. Rubix hadn't even had approval by the BakBlade CEO yet, so my role was on spec and I had to deliver both for myself and Rubix Media.

I like to give myself a short turnaround for creative. At the time, I had just began working as Production Office Coordinator on a feature film by Asylum Films (famously known for Sharknado and Hollywood mockbusters including Alien vs Hunter, Atlantic Rim, and Transmorphers).

Even with this new, albeit temporary, office job, I promised a one week turnaround on 15 commercial scripts of varying lengths. My freelance producing life was divided. I wrote them so that ten could be filmed in Atlanta, two in Los Angeles, and for three location didn't matter. For concepting, I thought hard about the product. I was given the demographic: hairy men and their wives. The problem to solve: men have to ask their family members to help shave hard to reach parts on their back. The solution: BakBlade has an ergonomic handle; the product is the answer.

In just a few days I had derived the basic campaign concept. One man (for the re-usability of talent) tries to trick family and friends into shaving his back for him. The tag: "Shave your own back..." The word "damn" is implied.

These concepts were approved within two days and not only that but the manufacturing client was convinced that they should all be filmed in Los Angeles, so that I, the freelance writer, could also be the freelance commercial producer.

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