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A Writer Without a Cause

In terms of money-making, my life as a freelance producer is far more lucrative. Saying I am a freelance writer almost feels embarrassing sometimes, seeing as I've only had a few paid writing gigs, and truly only one or two that paid a sufficient quantity to feel like a tangible paycheck.

It seems like a hard life, being a true freelance writer. How does one get work outside of becoming a true campaign copywriter? Plenty of people have agents, but that's also their true pursuit, and they work in tv show writing rooms as, at first, assistants, and later, one of a dozen staff writers on a, typically, streaming show.

When I write, it is the epitome of aimless, directionless content. It is unstructure, unmotivated even. Where do my ideas come from? Do I think of them because they are honest and good, because I feel they haven't been done before and provide novelty, or because I want to be a writer and so I force myself to pursue an idea for a few weeks at a time and then give up in miserable defeat?

The fact that I wrote for myself three options probably mean that they are ring true, depending on the project and its phase. In the beginning, I am ecstatic. 'What a brilliant idea!' I might exlaim. Then I sit down to write and it falls a bit flat. I can't think concretely on aspects of story. The characters come from nowhere and have just about anywhere to go...

I will allow this post to be an example. I don't know where I'm going with this, so I'll stop writing now. Keep freelance producing in Los Angeles and San Diego for commercials and music videos and feature films.

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