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A Video Producer's Demo Reel

It's not a standard thing for a commercial video producer to make a demo reel. A Director or Director of Photography, sure thing. Maybe even a gaffer or a sound artist. But for some reason, producers don't tend to have demo reels. I, as a commercial freelance video producer and writer, decided to make one when I first moved to Los Angeles, but first let's analyze why producers don't typically have a reel.

So why is this the case?

Perhaps it can confuse or mislead. What work did this producer really do? How many producers were there? What roles did he or she fill? Did she location scout, did she source the talent, did she just raise the money? Was he there for all of pre-production and production, or did he just hop on as a line producer last minute? As a freelance commercial producer, the role and responsibility often changes from gig to gig.

These are all factors that should be reported, and ultimately the information accessible and extremely clear to anyone watching.

As a freelance video producer, I decided to make a reel to demonstrate the extensive number of commercial shoots I have organized and helped produce. I made sure to be clear that I worked with production companies on many of these projects and encouraged viewers to reach out when they are in New York or Atlanta. But in Los Angeles, they should reach out to me for any freelance commercial producing, coordinating and copywriting needs. Check out my reel below:

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